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Hereunder you will find links to sites which offer you more general as well as detailed information together with a short description of what you can expect on these sites.

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has been charged with the supervision of trust offices. Here you can find more background information about the supervision and also the register where you can find the registration of several trust offices.

Ministry of Finance - 
The mission of the Ministry of Finance is: ‘We guard the treasury and aim for a financially sound and prosperous state of The Netherlands’. You will find information about international financial topics, the organization, etc.

Revenue Service -
The Tax Department has been charged with the execution of tax laws (VAT, income tax, payroll taxes and other). The site gives more detailed information about the several taxes as well as contact details.

Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets -
The AFM contributes to the proper operation of the financial markets by providing information to professional market players, including about norms and standards.

Chamber of Commerce & Trade Register -

Twinfield International -

International Tax Center of Leiden University -

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